The E.P. "Loki"

The first concept album is written around the figure of the god Loki, nemesis of Odin in the scandinavian myth, along with those of his three sons, that will play with him a main role in the events of Ragnarok, the end of the world in northern mythology.

A song has been written for every character, trying to define the main traits of them and the role they prepare to play in the twilight of the god. 

1. Iving (intro) – 1:57
The opening of the album is an instrumental intro taking its name from the river that divides the lands of mortals from those where the gods live. At the beginning of Ragnarok, the legend tells this river will freeze, erasing every bound between mortal and immortal beings.
The musical crescendo is dark and chasing and reaches its top with the crystal sound of the river freezing.

2. Loki – 4:45
The following track is dedicated to the main character of the album, Loki. The god is here depicted in the phase preceding the Ragnarok, when he's still dreaming of his vengeance, condemned by Odin to be banned and tortured for his misconduct. Loki's unquenchable will of revenge dominates upon his sufferings, giving him the force to bear the punishment and wait for the twilight of the gods.
The sound of the song is typically black metal, interleaved by a long acoustic session where a clean voice replaces the scream and growl style, breaking the song linearity and giving dynamism to the track. 

3. Midgardsorm – 4:19
The following songs are dedicated to the three sons of Loki.
First of all the serpent Midgardsorm, feared by the gods for his gigantic size. They threw him in the deepest sea enclosing the lands of men in the hope of having him dying for starvation, but thanks to his size the snake closes in a circle, reaching his tail with its mouth and feeding upon it. This way the circle of times, seasons, life and death was created in the world of mankind.

4. Fenrir – 5:08
The fourth song is about the wolf-god Fenrir, destined to break free from his chain the day of Ragnarok to swallow the sun, causing an endless, cold night to fall upon the universe. Waiting for that day, Fenrir is force to remain chained in the desolated lands before the reign of dead spirits, soaked in fog and stillness.
The musical line of the song is rich of changes of mood, expressing the contrast between the motionless plains where the wolf-god lies and his inner rage.

5. Hel – 4:35
The last track is centred around the figure of Hel. Very popular in the northern folklore, she is considered to be the image of Death: a grim old lady with a rake that she uses to catch the souls of mortals she'll bring in her reign of shadows.
The melancholy of the closure expresses the lonely and solitary trait of this character.