The band

The band "Adveniat Hiems" has been founded in Milan, at the beginning of 2008, by three musicians already engaged in a close collaboration from previous projects and now bound by the common desire of creating cold and atmospheric albums.

The name they choose for the band is in fact the ancient Latin expression for "Let the winter come!", underlining the coldness and stillness the band would like to recall with its songs.

The three members of the band have been working together before, as part of the band "Lustnotes", that stopped its activity in 2006, after releasing the album "Graveyard ballades" (produced by Cimitero Records and distributed by Masterpiece). Thanks to this experience, they had already succeeded in the task of melting their different musical inspirations, going from classical black metal (Burzum, Carpatian Forest) to the symphonic edge of it(Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved e Novembre), so they can start right away with the realization of their project.

The band bases its activity of composition in a room they rent in Milan, where every aspect of their creation is discussed: music, lyrics and graphics. This working style lets the band realize fully coherent products, that express in a complete and organic manner the concept around which every creation is centered.

The project of the band is clear since the beginning: the creation of short, self-consistent albums, each centered on a specific theme from the northern mythology or the north-european folklore.

The band states that every E.P. will have a running time of about 20 minutes and will need to be able to rise in the audience the atmosphere and the mood they want to describe in a few minutes. To do this they will care for the homogeneity of the product in its musical, graphical and conceptual form.